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Yutong Machinery

XingTai Yutong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd is located in the prestgious village of machinery made in China -a county Xingwan Xingtai City,30 kilometers west of Beijing - Zhuhai Expressway,the provincial highway Xingtai-Texas line form the entrance of the company transportation is very convenient,Our company occupies 26,000 square meters,the total assets of 60 million yuan,with annual sales of 120 million.


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Adjustment and operation of thread rolling machine

Automatic circulation mode: Start the hydraulic motor, turn the selector switch to automatic, and adjust the automatic feeding and rolling time and the backward stop time according to the hydraulic needs.

Forming Process of Hydraulic Thread for Thread Rolling Machine

Rolling is a process method in which the billets of certain metal materials are rolled by rolling tools with a certain cross-section, resulting in rational deformation in the production area

Thread rolling machine: How to adjust it correctly?

First of all, we need to choose a suitable thread rolling wheel to install. Here, everyone needs to note that it is not necessary to buy a pair of wheels to roll various patterns.

How to choose a thread rolling machine?

If you want to buy something you like, you need to understand it from its roots. In recent years, thread rolling machines have been snatched and used by a large number of construction sites