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Yutong machine factory shipped shot
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We do our best to allow customers in the shortest possible time, to receive the goods they buy
The new plant has been completed
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Due to the growing of our business, the company in the spring of this year decided to expand the size of the factory; after construction workers hard work, new car immediately to set up complete, our
The workers work round the clock Yutong night
Spring is a vibrant season, spring is the season of recovery of all things, spring is the season of cultivation, spring is the beginning of hope!
Thread rolling machine operating procedure
The operator must inspect and clean the machine, do the daily maintenance work, and achieve the neat, clean, lubrication and safety.
Heat treatment technology of M2 steel rolling wheel
Made of M2 steel grinding wheel rolling with 1200 ~ 1210 DEG C quenching and 600 DEG C neutral salt classification into 260 to 280 DEG C nitrate isothermal 2.5h,
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