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Water Stop Screw Resistance Welding



  • 产品描述
  • Product Features:

    Water stop screw used welding machine is developed for welding water stop screw positioning pins and its main functions is to weld positioning pins on two sides of the water stop screw. This machine can be operated by only on general worker. It takes only 0.2 second to weld a water stop screw positioning pin with a special machine and can weld 1,000-1,300 water stop positioning pins per hour. When changing specifications, it just needs simple adjustment. It’s truly very easy to operate. The maximum diameter the machine can weld reaches 200mm. Moreover, the machine adopts micro-computer control, features rapid speed, high efficiency, simple operation, competitive prices and reliable quality, realizes the goal of high automation efficiency and reduced costs, and improves enterprise profits. 1. Efficiency: Screw diameter 8-20mm, needs 0.2s. 2. Processing Length: Screw length 200-1,500mm, (can be customized). 3. Operability: (Simple and convenient to operate), even workers with no welding experience can operate it.